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Madhu Grewal from Detention Watch Network discusses the new report “Explore & Close” about the conditions at the Artesia Family Detention Center

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Local Consultant Alejandra Seluja and We Are People Here member Mary Schruben talk about “Banking On New Mexico,” a public bank symposium.

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Workers issues

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Mexican Consul Mauricio Ibarra talks about this year’s Mexican Independent Festivities in Santa Fe.

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Rebecca Smith from the National Employment Law Project and Mike Muñoz from the National Staffing Working Alliance discuss a new report about the pitfalls of the temporary staffing industry for blue collar workers.

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Chicana Playwright Irma Mayorga, and Actor Jonathan Harrell talk about the DNA Works / Teatro Paraguas world premiere of “Cascarones”.  Mary May Margaret navigates the daily challenges that her working class family faces.

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Gabriela Guzmán and Carlos Campos from the United Workers Center of NM discuss the barriers wage theft victims face when trying to file claims at the State Department of Workforce Solutions.

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Allen Sanchez, Director of NM Conference of Catholic Bishops, talks about the Governor’s plan to make it harder for poor families to obtain food stamps.

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Nohemi Bojórquez-Flores, Americorp Service Member & Community Health Worker with La Familia Medical Center, talks about current projects to illicit community feedback about walkability issues on South Side & the C.E.N.A. program, addressing pediatric obesity in Santa Fe.

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A replay of some interviews previously aired this year.

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Joan Fredland, volunteer attorney with the NM Immigrant Law Center, explains the challenges in fighting the deportation of immigrant children & women detained in a converted Detention Center in Artesia.

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Miguel Angel Acosta, recruiter and coordinator for Energy SF, tells us about the new alternative high school program in Santa Fe

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Posa’s restaurant workers got fired after alleging & formally filing a complaint for non-payment of overtime.

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Manuela McDonough from the NCLR discusses a recent report regarding the challenges faced by millions of latinos who live with chronic diseases in the U.S.

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Maria Piña in Dispatches from Roswell, talks about the grass roots effort of immigrant families in Roswell, Artesia, Portales, and Lea County.

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Dr. Sandoval, Professor of Anthropology at UNM, discusses collaborative research with communities in northern New Mexico, responding to hydraulic fracking.

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Reports on latest Earth Forum with FCC Chairman, John Wheeler, where youth from NM talked about challenges to internet access, Net Neutrality, prison phones.

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Tomás Rivera and members of Chainbreaker Collective discus the housing crisis for renters in Santa Fe and the recently launched campaign to Establish a Residents Bill of Rights.

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Alex Bandana & Jose “Pepe” Carlos, members of the Grammy Award winning La Santa Cecilia Latin Band, talk about their tour of New Mexico starting this Thursday.

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Perry McIntosh, Young Fathers

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Sanctuary Movement

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Sarah Nolan, Executive Director with CAFÉ (Communities in Action & Faith),  shares their latest victory collective victory in Southwestern New Mexico.  The President declared Organ Mountain – Desert Peaks a National Monument after a 10 year grassroots campaign.

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Mike Evangelist, Policy Analyst for the National Employment Law Project (NELP), discusses a recent report about the kinds of jobs lost and regenerated during the economic recovery.

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Today's second segment was a replay from April 8, 2014.

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Joanne Calkins and Mary Beth Howe from NM Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice discuss their service and advocacy work on Immigrant issues in ABQ.

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Maria Piña, in Dispatches from Roswell, reports on Immigration Reform Activities in the Southeastern region of the state.

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Michelle Waslin, Manager of the Immigration and States Project of the Pew Charitable Trust, discusses recent reports on the roles and responsibilities of states and localities in the roll out of a potential federal legalization program.

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email -

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Margarita Murillo, founding member of Somos Gallup, shares the local epidemic of wage theft in Gallup and how they are organizing to make sure people know their rights to recuperate stolen wages.

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Ed Warden and André Jones of the Santa Fe Community College’s TRIO program talk about recruiting and retaining low income or first generation college students in Santa Fe.

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Marisa Bono discusses MALDEF lawsuit against The Public Education Department

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Leopoldo Méndez and Marina Piña of Somos Clovis talk about increased deportations in Clovis and their recent protest at the local jail as part of a national day of action.

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Teatro Paraguas presents: When The Stars Trembled in Rio Puerco, a play adapted from Oral History based on Recuerdos de los Viejitos, Tales of the Rio Puerco Valley by today’s guest, Nasario Garcia.  Shebana Coelho, the play’s director, also appears on today’s show.  The play opens April 4th and runs through April 13th.

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Gail Evans, Director of the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, discusses a lawsuit that was filed against the State of New Mexico for underfunding the Public Education System

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John Leaños, Professor of Social Documentation at UC Santa Cruz; and Aimee Villarreal, co-producer of Frontera! discuss some of their recent work.

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Anti-immigrant proposals

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Eduardo Tabet Cubero with Dual Language Education of New Mexico talks about NM’s Dual Language Program and HB 330 which will create a bilingual seal on High School diplomas for certified bilingual graduates.

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Adrianne Barboa, Director of Albuquerque based “Strong Families New Mexico” discusses legislative effort to make GED testing more accessible to low-income New Mexicans.

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Steve Allen, Policy Director of ACLUNM discusses the REAL ID Act and its impact on drivers licenses in New Mexico.

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Deborah Norman, Outreach Coordinator from Albuquerque’s United South Broadway Corporation discusses foreclosure in New Mexico and legislative advocacy efforts to provide more protections to local homeowners.

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Ellin Jimmerson, Baptist Minister and documentary filmmaker, discusses her February 14th screening in Albuquerque of “The Second Cooler,” a film about migrant deaths on the US / Mexico Border and the corporate greed that allows it to happen.

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Ben Monterroso, with Alliance for Citizenship and Service Employees International Union, explains the recently unveiled GOP Immigration Reform and what this means for the future of reform.

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Immigrant Day of Action 2014

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Marcos Maez, student admissions counselor at SFCC explains programs available at SFCC and shares the benefits of their Dual Credit Program.

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Nohemi Bojorquez-Flores with REACH program at La Familia Medical Center talks about challenges to accessing good foods and physical activity among low income families in the South Side of Santa Fe.

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Professor Christine Sierra from UNM’s Southwest Hispanic Research Institute talks about the prospects for Immigration Reform in 2014.

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Santa Fe County Commissioner Liz Stefanics announces her plan to raise the minimum wage in the county.

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Top Ten Hall of Shame/Hall of Fame stories

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Somos Un Pueblo Unido celebrates its 18th anniversary on International Migrants Day, and Maria Cristina Lopez, Founding Board Member, speaks about this year’s Premio Sin Fronteras winners: Mayor David Coss, Regis Pecos, and Father Manuel Ibarra.

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Chris Sanchez, Program Coordinator at the Santa Fe Children and Youth Commission, discusses a new pilot program for long term suspended students – The Transitional Education Project

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Dalene Coriz from the Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian School talks about the Brave Girl Project for young Pueblo Women.

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Somos Espanola

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Dave Burnham, co-director of TRAC, discusses the latest figures of Immigration Violation Prosecutions in New Mexico

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Shiela Lewis, Director of Santa Fe’s Coordinated Community Response Council, talks about domestic violence and assault in Santa Fe.

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Maria Cristina Lopez talks about the “Under The Umbrella” festival organized by Teatro Paraguas on November 22nd and 23rd.

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Alma Castro and Rayos Burciaga from the United Workers Center of New Mexico talk about wage theft in Santa Fe and a wage theft clinic taking place on November 1.

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Virginia Perez-Ortega, Director of Prevention Programs at Enlace Comunitario, talks about domestic violence in the Latino Immigrant Community and Enlace’s efforts to break the cycles of violence.

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Maria Perez with Health Action New Mexico and Brandon Johnson with the Interfaith Leadership Alliance make an invitation to the southside fiesta on November 1st and 2nd at the Zona del Sol Community Center.

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Mercedes talks about the Taos County Economic Development Corporation work in Taos County to support food, land, and culture of the people of Northern New Mexico.

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Paul Sonn, Education Director with NELP, explains a recent report, super sizing public costs, the cost of low wages at the largest fast food companies.

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Community Organizer with Organizing in the Land of Enchantment, Tara Carey, talks about keeping the Promise Coalition Townhalls, a grass roots effort to voice concerns and create solutions in our education system.

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County Commissioner and Director of Acequia’s Association, Paula Garcia, talks about expiration of the Farm Bill and the consequences on small farmers in Northern New Mexico.  She also speaks about International Day for Food Access.

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Jessica Lahman from Hand and Hand, talks about the importance of employers supporting this law.

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Lourdes Perez, from Mujeres Unidas, part of Domestic California Workers Alliance, shares their victory on passing overtime protections

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Dept. of Labor, Tax Program:  job training in NM

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Our friends from South West Organizing Project (SWAP) talk about their current campaigns, challenges and their upcoming Fiestas de Chile y Arte on September 28th.

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Marisol Atkins, Director of Santa Fe Childrens Project, shares specifics about their programs for children from 0 to 4 and the importance of these programs for the development of children.

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The Mexican Consul Mauricia Ibarra talks about the Mexican Independence “El Orito” celebration on September 14th.  Maria Cristina gives us a historical context of this celebration in New Mexico.

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Tess Wilkes, staff attorney with the Center on Law and Poverty, talks about a report on Agriculture Workers in New Mexico and Civil Rights complaints waged against the State Department of Labor.

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Rocio Alcantar talks about immigrant farmers at the Santa Fe Farmers Market.

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Jessica Garrick, doctoral student at University of Michigan, co-authored a study recently released by Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Mexican Immigrants and Wage Theft in New Mexico.

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Deacon Edwin Esquivel talks about Somos Vequita organizing efforts to support Immigration Reform in Soccorro and Valencia County.

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Daniel Locano, “DACAmented” student reflects on 2 year permit granted by President Obama after 1 year anniversary of DACA implementation.

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Angela Merkert, executive director of Cuidando los Ninos (CLN kids) talks about the challenges of homeless families and the extensive advocacy CLN kids provides in Albuquerque

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Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, gives us an update from Capitol Hill on wins and prospects of immigration reform.

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Cristy Fujio with Physicians for Human Rights reports on immigrants in solitary confinement.

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Alma Castro, an organizer with United Worker Center (UWC) of New Mexico and Delfina Bruno member of UWC discuss minimum wage campaign and recent order by the National Labor Relations Board to pay back wages to and reinstate workers illegally fired from the Santa Fe Tortilla Company.

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Gerry Bradley, Research Director of New Mexico Voices for Children, discusses a new report on Tax Contributions of undocumented immigrants in the United States and New Mexico

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Mauricio Ibarra Ponce de Leon, Consul of Mexico, Albuquerque talks about the Viva Mexico Festival on July 20th and 21st

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with Marcela Diaz and Elsa Lopez of  Somos un Pueblo Unido

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with Marcela Diaz and Elsa Lopez of  Somos un Pueblo Unido

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with Marcela Diaz and Elsa Lopez of  Somos un Pueblo Unido

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with Marcela Diaz and Elsa Lopez of  Somos un Pueblo Unido

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Adrienne Smith, CEO of New Mexico Direct Caregivers Coalition, talks about the challenges and policy priorities of New Mexico’s direct care givers and home health care workers.

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Maria Perez, vice president of Health Action New Mexico, discusses the impact of the affordable car act on Hispanics and immigration in New Mexico.

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Sameera Hafiz of the DC based Rights Working Group gives an update on Immigration Reform and Anti-Immigrant legislation moving through the House.

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Alex Meda, Maya Malan Gonzalez, and Amanda de la Guardia from Chicago based Teatro Luna discuss an upcoming show in Santa Fe: Luna Unlaced

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Marcela and Elsa speak with Cristy Fujio of Physicians for Human Rights

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Marcela speaks with Dr. Nora Montalvo, associate professor of Nursing at the University of Texas in Brownsville

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Emily Kaltenbach of the Drug Policy Alliance of New Mexico and Nuno Capaz, Vice President of the Dissuasion Commission of Lisbon, join Marcela to talk about the decriminalization of drugs in Portugal.

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Sharon Henderson and Carmela Stares from Prosperity Works NM discuss poverty in New Mexico and Prosperity Works’ strategies to alleviate it.

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From St. Norbert College: Kim Kaczmarowski, Dan Robinson, and Juliet Ovalte join Marcela as co-hosts today to discuss recent developments in Immigration Reform.  Their guest is Juliet Ovalte of the Clean Car Wash Campaign in Los Angeles, California.

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Lilia Whitner and Javier Rios of The Heart of New Mexico talk about their public information campaign to educate Latina / Hispanic women of the number one killer: heart disease.  

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Luis Guerra from the immigrants’ rights group Causa, Oregon discusses a successful statewide campaign to license immigrant drivers in Oregon regardless of Immigration Status.

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Apriana Jurado of Mexicanos el Exilio discusses the Caravan of Hope headed by Father Alejandro Solalinde, director of the shelter “Hermanos en el Camino,” in Ixtepec, Oaxaca.  The caravan arrives in Santa Fe on May 7th.  For more details, call [505] 204-1628 or [505] 795-4890.

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Nicole Byrd, community outreach specialist, and Rodney Bowe, chairperson of the education task force at the New Mexico State Office of African American Affairs join Marcela to talk about the “school to jail pipeline,” a term used to describe the high rate of students who are kicked out of school and sent to juvenile detention centers.

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Alma Castro and Zulema Chavero from Somos un Pueblo Unido fill in for Marcela and Elsa and discuss the town hall meeting on April 18 on immigration reform. 

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