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Sarah Nolan, Executive Director with CAFÉ (Communities in Action & Faith),  shares their latest victory collective victory in Southwestern New Mexico.  The President declared Organ Mountain – Desert Peaks a National Monument after a 10 year grassroots campaign.

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Today's second segment was a replay from April 8, 2014.

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Mike Evangelist, Policy Analyst for the National Employment Law Project (NELP), discusses a recent report about the kinds of jobs lost and regenerated during the economic recovery.

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Maria Piña, in Dispatches from Roswell, reports on Immigration Reform Activities in the Southeastern region of the state.

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Joanne Calkins and Mary Beth Howe from NM Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice discuss their service and advocacy work on Immigrant issues in ABQ.

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Michelle Waslin, Manager of the Immigration and States Project of the Pew Charitable Trust, discusses recent reports on the roles and responsibilities of states and localities in the roll out of a potential federal legalization program.

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Margarita Murillo, founding member of Somos Gallup, shares the local epidemic of wage theft in Gallup and how they are organizing to make sure people know their rights to recuperate stolen wages.

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Ed Warden and André Jones of the Santa Fe Community College’s TRIO program talk about recruiting and retaining low income or first generation college students in Santa Fe.

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Leopoldo Méndez and Marina Piña of Somos Clovis talk about increased deportations in Clovis and their recent protest at the local jail as part of a national day of action.

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