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Marisa Bono discusses MALDEF lawsuit against The Public Education Department

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Teatro Paraguas presents: When The Stars Trembled in Rio Puerco, a play adapted from Oral History based on Recuerdos de los Viejitos, Tales of the Rio Puerco Valley by today’s guest, Nasario Garcia.  Shebana Coelho, the play’s director, also appears on today’s show.  The play opens April 4th and runs through April 13th.

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Gail Evans, Director of the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, discusses a lawsuit that was filed against the State of New Mexico for underfunding the Public Education System

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John Leaños, Professor of Social Documentation at UC Santa Cruz; and Aimee Villarreal, co-producer of Frontera! discuss some of their recent work.

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Anti-immigrant proposals

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Eduardo Tabet Cubero with Dual Language Education of New Mexico talks about NM’s Dual Language Program and HB 330 which will create a bilingual seal on High School diplomas for certified bilingual graduates.

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Adrianne Barboa, Director of Albuquerque based “Strong Families New Mexico” discusses legislative effort to make GED testing more accessible to low-income New Mexicans.

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Steve Allen, Policy Director of ACLUNM discusses the REAL ID Act and its impact on drivers licenses in New Mexico.

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Deborah Norman, Outreach Coordinator from Albuquerque’s United South Broadway Corporation discusses foreclosure in New Mexico and legislative advocacy efforts to provide more protections to local homeowners.

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Ellin Jimmerson, Baptist Minister and documentary filmmaker, discusses her February 14th screening in Albuquerque of “The Second Cooler,” a film about migrant deaths on the US / Mexico Border and the corporate greed that allows it to happen.

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