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Dept. of Labor, Tax Program:  job training in NM

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Our friends from South West Organizing Project (SWAP) talk about their current campaigns, challenges and their upcoming Fiestas de Chile y Arte on September 28th.

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Marisol Atkins, Director of Santa Fe Childrens Project, shares specifics about their programs for children from 0 to 4 and the importance of these programs for the development of children.

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The Mexican Consul Mauricia Ibarra talks about the Mexican Independence “El Orito” celebration on September 14th.  Maria Cristina gives us a historical context of this celebration in New Mexico.

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Tess Wilkes, staff attorney with the Center on Law and Poverty, talks about a report on Agriculture Workers in New Mexico and Civil Rights complaints waged against the State Department of Labor.

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Rocio Alcantar talks about immigrant farmers at the Santa Fe Farmers Market.

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Jessica Garrick, doctoral student at University of Michigan, co-authored a study recently released by Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Mexican Immigrants and Wage Theft in New Mexico.

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Deacon Edwin Esquivel talks about Somos Vequita organizing efforts to support Immigration Reform in Soccorro and Valencia County.

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Daniel Locano, “DACAmented” student reflects on 2 year permit granted by President Obama after 1 year anniversary of DACA implementation.

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Angela Merkert, executive director of Cuidando los Ninos (CLN kids) talks about the challenges of homeless families and the extensive advocacy CLN kids provides in Albuquerque

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