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Judy Contie, federal advocacy coordinator for the National Employment Law Project discusses new overtime regulations promulgated by the Obama administration.

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Allegra talks about SF Dreamers Project Work all over NM, lending low cost or no cost legal services to “Dreamers,” so they can deepen their contributions to NM.

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David shares the work he  does with youth in Santa Fe & tells us details about the upcoming camp Global Youth Santa Fe.

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Mabel Arellanes, a daughter of Santa Fe and longtime Somos Activist talks about her experience as a young immigrant Dreamer, and the First undocumented student to go to law school and become an attorney in New Mexico.

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LittleGlobe shares details about their upcoming production, City of Dreamers, Voices from the Southside, showing at the Lensic May 8th.

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Brenda Barrazas and Brenda Bojorquez from the United Worker Center and the Lottaburger Worksite Committee discuss their efforts to end sexual harassment in their workplace.

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Supreme Court and deferred deportation

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Isa Noyola, Director of Programs at the Oakland-based Transgender Law Center, discusses a recent report about Translatinos in the immigration detention system and the center’s advocacy work.

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Vicki Ganbeca, Executive Director of the ACLU’s Regional Center for Border Rights discusses a recent complaint filed against the DHS’s practice of deporting individuals without their personal belongings.

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Patricio & Ramon share details on their newest theater production “Yo Soy Joaquin” presented by Siembra: Latino Theater Season @ the NM Hispanic cultural center this weekend.

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