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Somos Un Pueblo Unido celebrates its 18th anniversary on International Migrants Day, and Maria Cristina Lopez, Founding Board Member, speaks about this year’s Premio Sin Fronteras winners: Mayor David Coss, Regis Pecos, and Father Manuel Ibarra.

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Chris Sanchez, Program Coordinator at the Santa Fe Children and Youth Commission, discusses a new pilot program for long term suspended students – The Transitional Education Project

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Dalene Coriz from the Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian School talks about the Brave Girl Project for young Pueblo Women.

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Somos Espanola

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Dave Burnham, co-director of TRAC, discusses the latest figures of Immigration Violation Prosecutions in New Mexico

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Shiela Lewis, Director of Santa Fe’s Coordinated Community Response Council, talks about domestic violence and assault in Santa Fe.

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Maria Cristina Lopez talks about the “Under The Umbrella” festival organized by Teatro Paraguas on November 22nd and 23rd.

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Alma Castro and Rayos Burciaga from the United Workers Center of New Mexico talk about wage theft in Santa Fe and a wage theft clinic taking place on November 1.

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email -

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Virginia Perez-Ortega, Director of Prevention Programs at Enlace Comunitario, talks about domestic violence in the Latino Immigrant Community and Enlace’s efforts to break the cycles of violence.

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Maria Perez with Health Action New Mexico and Brandon Johnson with the Interfaith Leadership Alliance make an invitation to the southside fiesta on November 1st and 2nd at the Zona del Sol Community Center.

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Mercedes talks about the Taos County Economic Development Corporation work in Taos County to support food, land, and culture of the people of Northern New Mexico.

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Paul Sonn, Education Director with NELP, explains a recent report, super sizing public costs, the cost of low wages at the largest fast food companies.

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Community Organizer with Organizing in the Land of Enchantment, Tara Carey, talks about keeping the Promise Coalition Townhalls, a grass roots effort to voice concerns and create solutions in our education system.

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County Commissioner and Director of Acequia’s Association, Paula Garcia, talks about expiration of the Farm Bill and the consequences on small farmers in Northern New Mexico.  She also speaks about International Day for Food Access.

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Jessica Lahman from Hand and Hand, talks about the importance of employers supporting this law.

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Lourdes Perez, from Mujeres Unidas, part of Domestic California Workers Alliance, shares their victory on passing overtime protections

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Dept. of Labor, Tax Program:  job training in NM

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Our friends from South West Organizing Project (SWAP) talk about their current campaigns, challenges and their upcoming Fiestas de Chile y Arte on September 28th.

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Marisol Atkins, Director of Santa Fe Childrens Project, shares specifics about their programs for children from 0 to 4 and the importance of these programs for the development of children.

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The Mexican Consul Mauricia Ibarra talks about the Mexican Independence “El Orito” celebration on September 14th.  Maria Cristina gives us a historical context of this celebration in New Mexico.

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Rocio Alcantar talks about immigrant farmers at the Santa Fe Farmers Market.

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Tess Wilkes, staff attorney with the Center on Law and Poverty, talks about a report on Agriculture Workers in New Mexico and Civil Rights complaints waged against the State Department of Labor.

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Jessica Garrick, doctoral student at University of Michigan, co-authored a study recently released by Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Mexican Immigrants and Wage Theft in New Mexico.

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Daniel Locano, “DACAmented” student reflects on 2 year permit granted by President Obama after 1 year anniversary of DACA implementation.

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Deacon Edwin Esquivel talks about Somos Vequita organizing efforts to support Immigration Reform in Soccorro and Valencia County.

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Angela Merkert, executive director of Cuidando los Ninos (CLN kids) talks about the challenges of homeless families and the extensive advocacy CLN kids provides in Albuquerque

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Cristy Fujio with Physicians for Human Rights reports on immigrants in solitary confinement.

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Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, gives us an update from Capitol Hill on wins and prospects of immigration reform.

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Alma Castro, an organizer with United Worker Center (UWC) of New Mexico and Delfina Bruno member of UWC discuss minimum wage campaign and recent order by the National Labor Relations Board to pay back wages to and reinstate workers illegally fired from the Santa Fe Tortilla Company.

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Mauricio Ibarra Ponce de Leon, Consul of Mexico, Albuquerque talks about the Viva Mexico Festival on July 20th and 21st

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Gerry Bradley, Research Director of New Mexico Voices for Children, discusses a new report on Tax Contributions of undocumented immigrants in the United States and New Mexico

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with Marcela Diaz and Elsa Lopez of  Somos un Pueblo Unido

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with Marcela Diaz and Elsa Lopez of  Somos un Pueblo Unido

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with Marcela Diaz and Elsa Lopez of  Somos un Pueblo Unido

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with Marcela Diaz and Elsa Lopez of  Somos un Pueblo Unido

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Adrienne Smith, CEO of New Mexico Direct Caregivers Coalition, talks about the challenges and policy priorities of New Mexico’s direct care givers and home health care workers.

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Maria Perez, vice president of Health Action New Mexico, discusses the impact of the affordable car act on Hispanics and immigration in New Mexico.

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Alex Meda, Maya Malan Gonzalez, and Amanda de la Guardia from Chicago based Teatro Luna discuss an upcoming show in Santa Fe: Luna Unlaced

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Sameera Hafiz of the DC based Rights Working Group gives an update on Immigration Reform and Anti-Immigrant legislation moving through the House.

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Marcela speaks with Dr. Nora Montalvo, associate professor of Nursing at the University of Texas in Brownsville

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Marcela and Elsa speak with Cristy Fujio of Physicians for Human Rights

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Emily Kaltenbach of the Drug Policy Alliance of New Mexico and Nuno Capaz, Vice President of the Dissuasion Commission of Lisbon, join Marcela to talk about the decriminalization of drugs in Portugal.

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Sharon Henderson and Carmela Stares from Prosperity Works NM discuss poverty in New Mexico and Prosperity Works’ strategies to alleviate it.

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From St. Norbert College: Kim Kaczmarowski, Dan Robinson, and Juliet Ovalte join Marcela as co-hosts today to discuss recent developments in Immigration Reform.  Their guest is Juliet Ovalte of the Clean Car Wash Campaign in Los Angeles, California.

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Luis Guerra from the immigrants’ rights group Causa, Oregon discusses a successful statewide campaign to license immigrant drivers in Oregon regardless of Immigration Status.

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Lilia Whitner and Javier Rios of The Heart of New Mexico talk about their public information campaign to educate Latina / Hispanic women of the number one killer: heart disease.  

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Apriana Jurado of Mexicanos el Exilio discusses the Caravan of Hope headed by Father Alejandro Solalinde, director of the shelter “Hermanos en el Camino,” in Ixtepec, Oaxaca.  The caravan arrives in Santa Fe on May 7th.  For more details, call [505] 204-1628 or [505] 795-4890.

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Nicole Byrd, community outreach specialist, and Rodney Bowe, chairperson of the education task force at the New Mexico State Office of African American Affairs join Marcela to talk about the “school to jail pipeline,” a term used to describe the high rate of students who are kicked out of school and sent to juvenile detention centers.

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Rhett Buttle, Vice President, External Affairs of a small business advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. called The Small Business Majority joins Marcela to discuss their report on the need for immigration reform.

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Alma Castro and Zulema Chavero from Somos un Pueblo Unido fill in for Marcela and Elsa and discuss the town hall meeting on April 18 on immigration reform. 

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Louis Rudnick joins Marcela to discuss the history of immigration reform.

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Mary Ellen Gonzales of The Common Ground Restorative Justice Project talks about how community group conference can help those under 18 who have committed crimes.

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Danny Solis from Recuerda a Cesar Chavez Committee talks about the 20th annual Cesar Chavez march in Albuquerque on April 6th

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Alissa Escarce from the Rights Working Group, talks about the national campaign to ensure protections against racial profiling in Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

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Brittney Nystrom from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services discusses the recent immigration detention hearings in Congress and the release of 2,200 detainees.

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Elvin Perez talks about the struggles and victories of the Immokalee farmworkers in Florida.

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Vicki Harrison, Director of Common Cause, New Mexico talks about legislative efforts to pass a PAC Disclosure Act.

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Jeff Parcher, Communications Director of the Center for Community Change talks about the current status of Immigration Reform and the “Keeping Families Together” national bus tour that arrived in Washington, DC today.

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Ruth Hoffman, Director of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry of New Mexico, talks about tax and budget policy impacting low wage workers and low-income families in NM

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LuzHilda Campos student and founding member of New Mexico Dreamers in Action invites the public to vigils in support of Drivers Licenses.

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Susan Duncan, Santa Fe School Board member elect discusses challenges and solutions for students and staff in the Public Schools. 

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Barry McIntosh (505-699-7431) from Young Fathers of Santa Fe talks about the struggles of young fathers in New mexico and the support services available to them.

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 Patricia Gallegos: 4th generation farmer and community advocate in Albuquerque's north valley lobbying for bills in the legislature regarding locally grown organic food in the schools and water contamination from the oil and gas industries.

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Guests: Allen Sanchez, Executive Director of NM Catholic Conference of Bishops and Vicki Harrison, Executive Director of Common Cause New Mexico discuss New Mexico legislative efforts to provide additional funding for early childhood education in NM and how to support election modernization.

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