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Danny Solis from Recuerda a Cesar Chavez Committee talks about the 20th annual Cesar Chavez march in Albuquerque on April 6th

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Alissa Escarce from the Rights Working Group, talks about the national campaign to ensure protections against racial profiling in Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

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Brittney Nystrom from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services discusses the recent immigration detention hearings in Congress and the release of 2,200 detainees.

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Elvin Perez talks about the struggles and victories of the Immokalee farmworkers in Florida.

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Vicki Harrison, Director of Common Cause, New Mexico talks about legislative efforts to pass a PAC Disclosure Act.

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Jeff Parcher, Communications Director of the Center for Community Change talks about the current status of Immigration Reform and the “Keeping Families Together” national bus tour that arrived in Washington, DC today.

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Ruth Hoffman, Director of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry of New Mexico, talks about tax and budget policy impacting low wage workers and low-income families in NM

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