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Aly Kreikemeier from The Academy For The Love Of Learning and students from Capitol High School share their experiences with El Otro Lado, a school based program that explores the inner life of Santa Fe youth.

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Irene Tung, co-author of The Growing Movement For $15, talks about who are the workers making less than $15 in our country.

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Executive Director of the Institute on Taxation and Revenue Matt Gardner explains their latest report ‘Undocumented Immigrants’ state and local tax contributions

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Legal Director with American Immigration Council Melisa Crow shares their efforts to support Obama’s executive order to allow Immigrants to apply for work permits and explains pending litigation.

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Congressman Ben Ray Lujan talks about the DAPA information fair & rally with Congressman Luis Gutierrez this weekend.

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Clair Schuch, PHD candidate at the University of North Carolina of Charlotte, talks about her recent study on Immigrant Business and Community Development.

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