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Nuestra America hosts its annual Hall of Fame / Hall of Shame New Year’s Show to discuss all the good and bad news highlights in our movement in 2015.

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Michele Waslin, Researcher with Pew’s Immigration & The States Project discusses a recent report about Immigrant Employment by State and Industry Nationally Aired in New Mexico.

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Allen Sanchez, Director of the NM Catholic Conference of Bishops

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Sergio Herrera, Member of Somos in Farmington and Maria Piña, community organizer talk about vigils all over the state calling on Legislators to pass a compromise Real ID proposal that does not stigmatize immigrants

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Robert Warren, Senior Visiting Fellow from the Center for Migration Studies, discusses the latest report that details the number and social characteristics of immigrants in New Mexico who are eligible, but haven’t yet become US citizens.

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Somos New Mexico; 20th anniversary

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This was a conversation between film makers Gregory Nava and Bernardo Ruiz as part of Somos Un Pueblo Unido's 20th Anniversary.

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