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Steve Allen from the ACLU and Emily Kaltenbach from the Drug Policy Alliance discuss the state of criminal justice reform in New Mexico and the new statewide coalition NM SAFE that has emerged to promote fair, efficient and evidenced-based sentencing and public safety policies.

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We talk to Maria de Anda Hay from the Santa Fe Food Policy Council discusses World Food Day and the urban agricultural ordinance pending before the Santa Fe City Council. We also talk to Shiu-Ming Cheer from the National Immigration Law Center discusses AB 2298, The Gang Databases Act, recent legislation signed in California providing adults with the right to be notified and to challenge their inclusion by police into the state’s gang database.  

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New reports show a spike in the number of citizenship applications from immigrants across New Mexico. And our Somos members, through our Viva El Voto campaign, are hard at work helping eligible immigrants become U.S. citizens, registering new voters and getting out the vote in New Mexico's rural communities. We talk to Erika Contreras, Immigration Services for Immigrants Coordinator with the Colonias Development Council about our partnership in southeastern New Mexico and Berta Andrade, member of Somos Lea County, who just became a U.S. citizen and is registering new rural voters in Hobbs.


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For many years Enlace Comunitario has created a model for the rest of the state, and the country, for providing deep advocacy work and other crucial services to people in the Latinx immigrant community facing domestic violence. We talk to Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, Executive Director for Enlace Comunitario, about some of the issues our communities are facing but also what we they are doing to overcome them.

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As New Mexico's Governor tries to bring back the death penalty to our state, Jim Lindburg, Legislative Director of Sacramento-based Friends Committee on Legislation of California, talks about California's recently passed AB2590, a legislative effort to promote public safety through smart rehabilitation and restorative justice programs.

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Founders of the recently formed Institute of Legal Training & Instruction discuss their work to train immigrant families in New Mexico's rural communities to help each other navigate the complicated legal immigration system. Also, law student and DACA recipient Jazmin Irazoqui talks about her participation in the NM2MX initiative that sponsors undocumented youth on educational trips to their country of birth.

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We talk to those who work hard to keep our national parks system in New Mexico, and across the country, alive and thriving so that our familias can enjoy them. Our guests are Jason Jaramillo, Crew Counselor with the Student Conservation Association, and two of the association's high school participants, Elena Romo from Nuestros Valores Charter School and Maclovia Roybal from Pojoaque High School. 


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