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Margarita Murillo, founding member of Somos Gallup, shares the local epidemic of wage theft in Gallup and how they are organizing to make sure people know their rights to recuperate stolen wages.

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Ed Warden and André Jones of the Santa Fe Community College’s TRIO program talk about recruiting and retaining low income or first generation college students in Santa Fe.

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Marisa Bono discusses MALDEF lawsuit against The Public Education Department

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Leopoldo Méndez and Marina Piña of Somos Clovis talk about increased deportations in Clovis and their recent protest at the local jail as part of a national day of action.

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Teatro Paraguas presents: When The Stars Trembled in Rio Puerco, a play adapted from Oral History based on Recuerdos de los Viejitos, Tales of the Rio Puerco Valley by today’s guest, Nasario Garcia.  Shebana Coelho, the play’s director, also appears on today’s show.  The play opens April 4th and runs through April 13th.

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