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Today we talk to Amanda Garcia, ESL Literacy Coordinator, Steve Hill, tutor & Letty Lopez, student, from the Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe about their programs which provide free tutoring to adults in reading, writing and speaking English to strengthen our community, families, and the workforce.

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We spend the second half of our show talking to Ana Maria Samaniego and Roger Montoya, both artists about the Contemporary Hispanic Market and their love of art.

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Half of US working families couldn't pay for a $400 emergency. Ona Porter, CEO of Prosperity Works, shares what her agency is doing to challenge New Mexico's dismal economic situation by building the capacity of local families to create financial reserves and assests.

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New Mexico ranks FIFTH among states with the highest suicide rates. Marisol Peña, Xarin Escobedo, and Susan Hayre from the Sky Center's NM Suicide Intervention Project discuss what is being done locally, from free multi-lingual counseling services to school based prevention programs, to combat the serious problem of youth suicide.

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We spend the second half of our show talking to Jorge Baron, Executive Director with the Northwest Immigrants' Right Project and Vicki Gaubeca, Director of the Regional Center for Border Rights about the public safety impact of DHS's impending rule that would allow immigration agents to serve as interpreters for local police.

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We spend the first part of our show talking to Efren Olivares, Legal Director for the Texas Civil Rights Project, about a recent settlement over their lawsuit to stop the state of Texas from denying birth certificates to children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants.

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We spend the second half of our show talking to Robert Gomez-Sanchez, Design Strategy Manager with Santa Fe Art and Design University who invites us to celebrate and reflect during the upcoming Immigration/Emigration Installation: An evening of ideas, art, creativity, food, and community this Friday, July 22 at 6:30 PM

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We spend the first part of our show talking to Gail Evans, Legal Director at the NM Center on Law and Poverty who explains the latest NM Supreme Court ruling, prohibiting the exclusion of farm and ranch laborers from the protections of the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Act.

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